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Lions host Speech Contest Feb. 11th

Lions Officers Prepare for a new year

District Governor Visits Stanton Lions Club

OC County Treasurer Shari L. Freidenrich visits the Stanton Lions 

Lions 2013-2014 Installation

Lions Still Recycling Glasses

Lions Host Flag Day at Cerritos Elementary School

Supervisor Moorlach Visits the Stanton Lions

Lions continue building parks for children

Stanton Lions Speech Contest Winner

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Stanton Lions Club Recognized for Service

Lions Community Fundraiser Big Success 

Lions Partner with Foundation to offer Hearing Aids to the Needy 

Stanton Lions Announce Community Fundraiser 

Dr. Gene Wilkins Celebrates 50 Years as a Lion

Lions Support Stanton’s Rely For Life and the American Cancer Society

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas Visits the Stanton Lions Club by David Parikh

Stanton Lions Win Prestigious Melvin Jones Award by Loreen Berlin

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Stanton Lions Participate in Rose Parade

Stanton Lions hold Speech Contest

Orange County New Article Stanton Lions Club names new officers by Loreen Berlin

Lieutenant Passalaqua speaks at Lions Club Meeting

Park Dedicated to Stanton Lion, Harry M. Dotson

Lions Provide eye-care and glasses at no cost to needy school children

New Sheriff in Town

Stanton Lion receives Melvin Jones Award

Stanton Lions Celebrate 60th Anniversary

Barbara Dotson Reigns as Lions Club President Nov 2nd Orange County News front page article [page 1]_ __ [page 2]

Lions Help Collect Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

Lions donate computers to help kids

Lions get special guest from Iraq


August 13th Chili Cook off and Salsa Contest

December 11th Pancake Breakfast

May 2nd Pancake Breakfast

Feb. 13th Orange County News Article–Student Speakers and Photos

June 20, 2003 Al Ethens Article Orange County News

Feb 6, 2002 Orange County News article–Ed Mendick

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Lions Flag Day

February 23, 2004


Anaheim, CA  The Stanton Lions Club held its annual Flag Day Event at Cerritos Elementary School.  Approximately 500 children gathered to learn about the United States Flag.  Each child was presented with a 4×6 inch American Flag and the school was presented with a 5×8 foot flag that has flown over the capital building in Washington DC.  Lions also lead the children in the Pledge of Allegiance and songs. Since 1978, Lions Club Flag Day has been held around the country and local Lions Clubs team up with schools.  Local Lions Clubs underwrites the program.  Band Members form Magnolia High School also attended and presented the flag.

Even though the kids may have said the Pledge many times, they may not understand what it means because it has so many words children do not use.  For instance, many children do not realize a pledge is a promise to do something and allegiance means to beloyal or devoted.

Lion Jay Geisel, a WWII Navy veteran said, “you can see some of the kids say ‘OH’ when we explain these words to them.  They have a much deeper appreciation for the words they have memorized.  It’s important for kids to understand what our flag stands for.  As a veteran, I have a lot of pride in our flag and our country.  I wanted to share that with today’s young people.  After the Vietnam War, some people lost respect for our flag.  I want to make sure that never happens again.”  Geisel is one of three veterans that have been volunteering to put on the event since the 1980’s.

Milton Blumenthal, who served in the army during WWII added that “its great to see the faces of kids from all over the world.  In Southern California, there are a lot of first and second generation Americans.  We teach them about our flag.  But we also teach them that they are all Americans and that means everyone in included.  There is no such thing as second-class Americans.  Even if your parents are immigrants, you are just as American as everyone else.


Lions Bob Clark and John Doogan also attended.  Doogan who served during the Vietnam War Period and now serves as a Past Flotilla Commander in the Auxiliary is attending his third Flag Day.  The youngster at sixty Doogan notes, “they [the other veterans] served during our countries greatest time of need.  They’re heroes to the kids because they only know of WWII from movies and history class.”  Clark a WWII Navy Veteran has been a part of Lions Flag Day since it started said, “it’s great to see the kids ask questions about American history.  Many do not have Veterans in their families so they are excited to meet myself WWII vets.

This year, the lions have put a US Flag quiz on their website as a way to inform adults about the flag

January 11, 2004

Lions Support Youth Sports

Stanton CA  Stanton Pop Warner Football team the RAIDERS-JR had a great 2003 season.  League Champions with a 10-0-1 record, the team went on to win the Orange Bowl.  The Stanton Raiders-JR consists of 45 children and 14 staff was proud to represent the city.

Stanton Lions helped underwrite the team’s year end banquet by donating the use of the hall and kitchen facilities.  Coach Lee Afusia said the entire team was “grateful that you provided the Lions Club [clubhouse] to our team to hold our year end banquet…It is through gracious organizations, such as the Lions Club, that provide financial opportunity for us to keep many kids off the streets and focus their energy on a constructive team sport.  We help by providing providing basic disciplines that can be used both on and off the field.

David Parikh, President of the Stanton Lions Club said, “I’m proud to be associated with the Stanton Lions Club.  We have long tradition positively impacting the community.  It’s great that we can partner with other community groups such as Stanton’s Pop Warner Football team, Stanton Little League Baseball,  and the Stanton Boys and Girls Club.  By working together we can leverage the investments made in the past to help improve the lives of young people.  I know that Football has had a huge positive impact on many kids.

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January 2, 2004 Orange County News Article–Mendick

May 3, 2003

Lion Honored 

Photos: 1. Dr. Gene Wilkins and Stanton Chamber of Commerce President David Morse 2. Dr. Gene Wilkins 3. Sen. Joe Dunn, Dr Gene Wilkins and Stanton Chamber of Commerce President David Morse

Stanton CA Dr. Gene Wilkins was honored at the Distinguished Service Awards Banquet on May 2, 2003.  Dr. Gene, as he is know to his patients, has been a Lion since 1961 and has used his association with the lions help those in the community.  He has specialized in helping children with vision problems.  Elementary school nurses refer children who need help, and he makes sure un-insured kids get eye-exams and the glasses they need.  He also provides vision therapy for children with reading problems.

Dr. Wilkins also known for his scrambled eggs at the Stanton Lions Club’s annual Pancake Breakfast.  He has eleven grand children and one great grand-daughter.  Dr Gene has also been honored by a school nurses association and has received the prestigious Melvin Jones Award–the highest honor bestowed upon a Lion.

For More Information, contact Dave Parikh 714-846-1833 or .


August 10, 2003

Busy Summer for Braille Leos

The Brail Leos Club is a community service club for students of the Braille institute and their friends.  The club was founded by the Stanton Lions Club to help these young people become involved in the community.  Lion John Doogan, is their advisor.

The Braille Leos choice two extremely worthwhile community service programs. They really put their hearts and souls into these projects.  They brought joy and companionship to a group of senior citizens. The director of the Willow Lake retirement home stated that she “could not believe the happiness brought by our kids, seniors who never left their rooms, dressed up and came out to experience our Leos visits.”

At Rancho Los Alamitos historic sight, the ranch needed a lot of ground and building work. Our kids painted the inside of a large building and did a tremendous amount of grounds work, resulting in a great improvement in the appearance of the grounds.

Throughout the Summer our Leos donated hundreds of  hours of community service.

Amelia Diaz was named the Leo of the year for multiple district four. Amelia is a great roll model for all handicapped people. She is living proof that if you believe in your self, and are willing to work hard almost anything is achievable, great work Amelia!

For More Information, contact Dave Parikh 714-846-1833 or .


Pancake Breakfast

Stanton CA  The Stanton Lions Club will host its annual Pancake Breakfast on Sunday May 4 at the Boys and Girls Club.  Proceeds will benefit programs that help the visually impaired.  Tickets are $3.00 and available from Stanton Lions and at the door or at the event.  The Stanton Boys and Girls Club is located at 11050 Cedar Street Stanton, CA 90680.