Lion Dotson, sets record, serves 6th consecutive term as president

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  • The Stanton Lions Club held its annual Installation dinner in the Milt Blumenthal Hall of their clubhouse Thursday, June 27, where long-time Lion Dr. Gene Wilkins and wife Lee, oversaw the installation. Pictured left to right are board members surrounding President Barbara Dotson (seated front center), Tail Twister Al Ethans, Dr. Gene Wilkins, 2nd Vice President Isabelle Parikh, Lion Tamer Fran Daigle, treasurer Pam Schoonover, secretary David Parikh, and Sheryll Seymour.
  • Field Representative Calvin Sung (second from right), with Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva's office presents retiring Stanton Lions Club officers certificates of recognition; pictured with Sung are President Barbara Dotson (seated center front), treasurer Pam Schoonover, 2nd Vice President Isabelle Parikh, secretary David Parikh, Tail Twister Al Ethans, Lion Tamer Fran Daigle, Sung and Dr. Gene Wilkins; not pictured board member Sheryll Seymour.
  • Stanton Lions Club President Barbara Dotson (right) receives a certificate of appreciation from Field Representative Calvin Sung (left), with Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva's office; all retiring officers received a certificates of recognition.

Stanton Lions Club installs 2013-2014 officers

by Loreen Berlin for the Orange County News

The Stanton Lions Club held its annual installation dinner Thursday, June 27, in the “Milt Blumenthal Hall” named in honor of their long-time member by that name, who is in his 97th year of living and serving with the Lions.

Stanton resident Barbara Dotson was installed as the club's president - for the sixth consecutive term. Dotson is not only the first woman to ever hold the office of president with the Stanton Lions Club during its nearly 67-year history, but she is the only president to ever serve six times consecutively in that office.

Dotson is the daughter of former Stanton Mayor, Harry Dotson, for whom the Stanton “Harry Dotson Park ” is named.

New 2013-2014 officers include:

  • President Barbara Dotson
  • 1st Vice President Jim Box
  • 2nd Vice President Isabelle Parikh
  • Treasurer Pam Schoonover
  • Secretary David Parikh
  • Lion Tamer Fran Daigle
  • Tail Twister Al Ethans
  • Board member Gene Wilkins, O.D.
  • Board member John McShane
  • Board member Sheryll Seymour
  • Members:
  • Milt Blumenthal
  • Brian Donahue
  • Karl Wong
  • Un "Charlie" Park

Dr. Gene Wilkins, a soon-to-be 52-year Lions member, did the honors of installing the new officers for a second year.  "First, I'll de-install all of you and remove you from office and then it will be my pleasure to reinstall all of you," Wilkins said.

Wilkins then spoke to each board member individually, further explaining their job. "Sheryl, as a board member, you are to try and help other board members and the club, to make the right decisions and keep them going in the right direction," he said.

"Al, as the Tail Twister, you are the enforcer of fines and you help the president keep order." Ethans received a gold badge to show his "authority."

"Fran, as the Lion Tamer, you are to make sure the club equipment is in place for the meeting and when visiting clubs show up, that they don't take off with equipment (it's a known thing that other clubs will visit and "lift" some club items and then ransom them back to the original club to make money for charity). Daigle received a water gun and handcuffs with which to do her job.

"David, as the secretary, you have the most important job, next to the president," Wilkins said. David Parikh received a large note book and very large pen, to complete his job.

"Isabelle, as vice president, you stand in for the president when she cannot do so," said Wilkins. Isabelle Parikh received a magic wand.

Treasurer Pam Schoonover received a Pay Day candy bar and a Cup of Gold chocolate bar as well.

"One of these days, Barbara's going to get it right and then she won't have to serve as president," Wilkins jested, as he handed her a wand with a lavender crown to match her lavender top.

“I'm looking forward to a super year with a 'team-presidency',” Dotson said. “I'm the president only by name; I look to the board and members for guidance and we work as a group.”

From Dotson's notebook given to her by her father: “Why be a volunteer?”

It’s not for money, not for fame, not for any personal gain; it’s for love of fellow man, to lend a helping hand, to give a tithe of self – That’s something you can’t buy with wealth, it’s not medals won with pride, it’s for that feeling deep inside; it’s that reward down in your heart, it’s feeling that you’ve been a part of helping other – far and near, that makes you be a volunteer.

Field Representative Calvin Sung, with Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva's office, presented all of the retiring officers a certificate of recognition from the California Legislature Assembly, which read, "In honor of your continuing commitment for the advancement and well-being of the Stanton community."

Sung said Quirk-Silva will host a "Community Coffee" Saturday, July 13, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., so that people from the Lions Club and community can meet and greet her. "Bring your questions regarding state and legislative issues that affect the community."

The coffee is set for the Stanton Civic Center Mirror Room, 7800 Katella Ave., in Stanton. For questions, visit or call 714-526-7272.

For Stanton Lions Club information and rental of their facility, call 714- 846-1833 or visit

The Milt Blumenthal Hall was decorated and the dinner prepared by Sara Neal, granddaughter of Blumenthal.

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