Bucks for Chuck Founder John Borack visits Stanton Lions Club

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Bucks for Chuck Founder John Borack visits Stanton Lions Club

Stanton Lions Learn about Bucks for Chuck

John Borack of Bucks for Chuck visites the Stanton Lion Club. Stanton Lion President Barbara Dotson awards him a Stanton Lions Banner. Photo by David Parikh

October 10, 2012  Stanton CA  Long time community volunteer John Borack visited the Stanton Lions Club to let the lions know about his Bucks for Chuck campaign.  The Chuck referrs to the popular Chuck Taylor All-Star Convers Sneakers.  The mission of the program is to provide kids with cool shoes that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  Although they do not cost a lot of money, the in style shoes mean a lot to the kids.  John works wit local Boys & Girls Clubs in the Orange County area to find children who could benefit from a new pair of shoes.

Originally, John was using his own money to buy the shoes, and then some of his Facebook friends started to pitch in.  Now there are a lot of people who contribute to the cause, and people can even donate over the internet.  Converse discounts the cost of the shoes  purchased by the program.  This year the Stanton Lions have donated $500 this year to help out.


Classic Chuck Taylor Shoes size 11  Photo Credit (cc) JimShooz7 http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimshooz7/