Stanton Lions Participate in Rose Parade

January 1, 2010

Bralle Leo's Club helps to put together Rose Parade floats in Pasadena California.

Stanton Lion with Leos' volunteers in the float assembly area

See the Stanton Lions and Lions International Float on YouTube


Stanton Lion John Patrick Doogan [left] marched with the Lions White Cane Percision Drill Team.

Pasadena, California Stanton Lions helped the Braille Leo's Club and Lions White Cane Percision Drill Team participate in the 2010 Rose Parade. They were folled by a marching band of non-sighted people from Ohio State. Lions' goal is to help everyone participate in society. We belive that people are differently-abled not dis-abled.

2010 David Parikh, Stanton Lions Club Photos provided by John Patrick Doogan